Infection Prevention

In today’s environment Infection Prevention Programs play a critical role in patient safety and patient satisfaction, while maximizing reimbursements and profitability. In contrast vendors often travel throughout the day in surgical scrubs. This allows them to blend-in with staff members and avoid the delays associated with locating the facility scrubs and changing at each sales call. “Street scrubs” are exposed to external contaminants and present a threat of cross contamination from neighboring facilities. Our patented RepScrubs® program ensures every vendor entering your facility is wearing a clean set of disposable scrubs dispensed from our on-site ScrubPort® providing superior control over sterile protocol and adherence to hospital policies.


Cost Reduction

Hospitals no longer need to manage the expense of providing linen or disposable surgical scrubs to visiting vendors. Our unique program allows your vendors to share in the expense associated with their business activity. Vendors simply register on-line by creating a membership account and assigning themselves a unique PIN on our secure website. Each time they enter your facility they have access to a clean and comfortable non-latex set of disposable scrubs delivered from our cashless web based dispensing system. Invoicing to the vendor is fully automated on our secure website eliminating any ongoing expense associated with outfitting your vendors.


Enhanced Security via Improved Vendor Management

Vendors often assimilate with your hospital staff. Department Managers need to easily identify vendors to ensure patient privacy. Each set of RepScrubs® dispensed from our ScrubPort® includes our RepScrubs® logo prominently displayed on the shirt and pants. In addition, shoe covers and two red bouffant caps are included for easy visual identification. Each set of RepScrubs® includes a time sensitive self-expiring name badge. Our RepScrubs® are also personalized with your hospital name, vendor’s name and company, and the date and time they were dispensed from your onsite ScrubPort®.