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aorn-logo    What does AORN Stand For?

All individuals who enter the semi-restricted and restricted areas should wear freshly laundered surgical attire that is laundered at a health care-accredited laundry facility or disposable surgical attire provided by the facility and intended for use within the perioperative setting.

Perioperative personnel should change into surgical attire in designated dressing areas to decrease the possibility of cross-contamination and to assist with traffic control and should change back into street clothes if they need to leave the facility or travel between buildings to prevent contaminating the surgical attire through contact with the external environment.


ast-logo     Association Surgical Technologies

Healthcare facility approved clean, freshly laundered surgical scrub suit designated for wear in the perioperative environment should be worn by surgical personnel who will enter the semi-restricted and restricted areas.

The scrub suit should be donned in the healthcare facility designated changing room. Changing from street clothes to the scrub suit in the designated room aids in decreasing contamination of the environment.


     American College of Surgeons

  • Operating room (OR) scrubs should not be worn in the hospital facility outside of the OR area without a clean lab coat or appropriate cover up over them.
  • OR scrubs should not be worn at any time outside of the hospital perimeter.
  • OR scrubs should be changed at least daily.



potential patient safety risks associated with contaminated surgical attire