How It Works

Medical attire is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of any hospital. From handling vendor attire policies to making sure that your personnel and staff are kept safe, a smart scrub solution is an absolute must-have for modern medical facilities. RepScrubs® solution was designed by hospitals for hospitals: we understand the need to find a balance between quality and budget when it comes to vendor attire.

RepScrubs’ combines the following for reps to provide a simple, streamlined vendor attire solution:

  • Our prepackaged disposable scrubs (RepScrubs®)
  • An automated dispensing unit (ScrubPort®)
  • A custom, time-sensitive badge and back-end reporting tools to provide clean attire for all reps entering a restricted area

This simplified, turnkey approach to vendor attire affords hospitals three key benefits:

  • A reduced risk of infection by guaranteeing clean scrubs around the clock: eliminating the transfer of infection is a win-win for everyone
  • Improved and efficient vendor management: Vendors are easily identifiable, as are non-facility staff
  • Reduced costs associated with providing vendor scrubs: cost is transferred away from the facility and back to the vendor

Beyond the benefits noted above, RepScrubs® is backed by a leadership and advisory board team with decades of industry and hospital experience. Additionally, our solution boasts multiple design and method patents.

Implementing the RepScrubs® System

So, what’s next for hospitals who want to bring our solution on board? Implementing the RepScrubs® system involves a straightforward, three-step process.

Thankfully, we’re available every step of the way to guarantee that the transition to our system goes smoothly: again, we understand the need for simplicity when it comes to managing a medical facility.

Step 1 – Establishing Your Scrub Policy

First, we provide every hospital implementing our solution assistance developing a policy which requires any vendor entering a restricted area to wear RepScrubs®. We have plenty of experience and example policies available to help ease hospitals into a new process. We also have many existing timelines, email notification templates and hard copies of notification signage for hospitals to encourage an easy transition to our system.

Step 2 – Setting up the ScrubPort® Machine

Secondly, we install our cashless ScrubPort® machine inside your hospital, usually near your vendor credentialing station. The machine is filled with an assortment of our pre-packaged disposal scrubs, lab coats, and coveralls. With each scrub dispensed, reps are provided with a time-sensitive name badge which is affixed to the front of the scrubs by the vendor. This requires no management or needless oversight of acquiring attire; meanwhile, the visible badges make sure that everyone in your facility is complying with the program.

Step 3 - RepScrubs® Usage Reports

Finally, we automatically send usage reports to ensure vendor compliance and to assist hospital administrators in managing their vendors. Email alerts from vendor ScrubPort® access can be sent immediately. Usage reports can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as requested. Reports are easily managed through our website.

We also provide hospital administrators monthly usage reviews. This allows users to easily view who is visiting their hospitals most frequently, what companies are most represented, and which days are the busiest in terms of vendor traffic.

What To Know

What are RepScrubs®?
RepScrubs® are a sealed package of a shirt, pants, two red bouffant caps, and a pair of shoe covers. Our dark blue shirt and pants are made of a comfortable 35 gram weight polypropylene material. The red bouffant caps are 12 grams and the shoe covers are the standard no slip with tread.


Are RepScrubs® recyclable?
RepScrubs® are manufactured from polypropylene, a plastic #5 that can be recycled by municipal, on-site, and third-party recyclers. If you currently recycle, then contact your recycler. If not, ask us about other potential options that may be available to your facility.


How are vendors identified?
Our RepScrubs® logo is screen printed in white and prominently displayed on both the pants and shirt. Also, two red surgical bouffant caps are provided for easy vendor recognition. A time sensitive expiration badge is printed at the ScrubPort® including the vendors name, company, and your hospital name, date and time of access. The vendors are instructed to wear the pre-printed badge on their scrub shirt and coveralls.


How does the expiration badge work?
When the front part of the badge adheres to the back part of the badge, a chemical reaction occurs that begins a linear migration of ink that bleeds from the back to the front of the badge during a specific time frame.

If you have any more questions about our solutions or what we can do for your hospital, feel free to contact us today.