Rich Kraft

Director, NYU Winthrop

“RepScrubs for us was a no brainer. The program provides high-quality scrubs and jackets — something we no longer need to provide for vendors to enter the operating room. This program also helps us close the loop on compliance. My department, as well as the OR, receives an email once a vendor has checked into the ScrubPort, so we know who is supposed to be here and when. Knowing this information also helps with traffic flow in the OR, so the surgeons will be able to stick to their schedules.”

Pat Kelly

Director, South Nassau Communities Hospital

“This makes compliance so much easier. I can tell that reps are wearing clean scrubs, I can see how often they were here, with reports from the ScrubPort system, so I know who is here and when. Before RepScrubs, we didn’t have a set system for compliance tracking. Now we’ve gone from 10 reps in the OR to 3 or 4, so they are only in the hospital when it is necessary for them to be there.”

Adam C. Messer

Associate Hospital Director, Temple University Hospital

“What I like most about the program is that RepScrubs is a big part of changing our culture of vendor interactions in the OR.  As we all work towards a low cost environment,  there are a number of things that have to change about an organizations culture to reduce the dependency on the vendor community.  RepScrubs provides great access and control, easy identification and improved compliance with attire policies and procedures. The program also gives us greater control over who is here and why they are here.  I am also a big fan of the distinct physical appearance that it creates, to ensure they are not a member of the provider team, and not seen as such.  100% of our vendors have been compliant since day one of the launch.”

Mari Machado BS, CST

Value Analysis Manager Supply Chain Services, University of Miami

“Implementing RepScrubs at our facilities has been very helpful in ensuring vendor compliance with protocols around attire in procedural areas. Their dashboard is easy to use and gives us insight into transaction data which helps us identify and address non-compliance.  In addition, we have also been able to reduce our spend on acquisition of scrubs, scrubs loss and laundering. The equipment is well maintained, easy to operate and the service we receive has been top notch!”

Skip Schwirian

Manager, Greenville Memorial Hospital

“The RepScrubs unit has now been in place for a short time and it’s doing great! For my department it’s been a bit of a Godsend because we’re the portal through which all sales associates must pass if they’re headed to the OR. We had a tight process of check-in previously. Before disposable scrubs were issued, the rep. had to check in at the Vendormate station we have, then they would come to our window to get their scrubs. That process meant my team and I were frequently  interrupted throughout the day by reps. coming to our window for this purpose.  Now with RepScrubs, that traffic has been reduced and the process is much more efficient, for us and the reps. We still have a high degree of control and security through monitoring Vendormate and through the excellent reports that RepScrubs generates for us.”

Julio Reyes

Senior Principal Territory Manager, Medtronic

“Just want to inform you of how pleased I am with the RepScrubs services…I must admit, I was originally skeptical about RepScrubs as I believed it would increase the time it would take me to get into the OR’s that I work in. For example, it takes time to sign into the vendor credentialing and then wait for someone to secure hospital or paper scrubs (up to 15 minutes). I was concerned that RepScrubs would add to this time and increase the time I would have to get to the hospital in order to get to my cases on time.

My experience with your services has been excellent. The registering process was easy and fast. The vending machines get the scrubs in under a minute. The few times I have had to call customer service they have been very helpful and fast at resolving any questions I have had.”

OR Representative for over 15 years

Long Island, NY

“I like using this system because you can pick the appropriate size and receive all your OR required dressing needs in one bag. Eliminating asking the busy staff to obtain you scrubs. It takes less time, and it is more streamlined!”

Medical Device Rep

Fortune 500 Medical Device Company

“My experience with Repscrubs has been positive to date! As a Medical Device Rep working for a Fortune 500 Medical Device Company I have encountered the machines at multiple hospitals in the NY Metro Area. I do like the predictability and convenience of the Repscrubs System – I know where to locate the Repscrubs vending machines at the facilities I visit, and there are no delays in gaining access to scrubs. I can always be guaranteed of my desired size. Furthermore, I obtain a receipt immediately after use and my credit balance automatically replenishes when needed. This is helpful for required company expensing purposes. I look forward to the access of Repscrubs vending machines at other facilities.”

“I want to begin by stating at first I hated the fact I needed to pay for OR scrubs, and the inconvenience of another institutional healthcare rule. After the fact, I hated that I didn’t think of this brilliant idea. The process of preventing infection is huge in healthcare today and Repscrubs is a prime example of that. Nevertheless, Repscrubs’ current operational setup seems good. The vending of scrubs makes accessibility easier, plus the machines are attractive. It increases operational efficiency for hospital staff and administration. Lastly, Repscrubs brings more legitimacy to vendors entering and exiting hospitals, which in turn helps vendors conduct sterile, ethical and productive partnerships with physicians and staff. I would like to finally state, that Repscrubs could transcend not only vendors but the way physician and staff prevent infection.”