How do I register to become a member?

Register here and follow the simple instructions provided.

What is my cost as a vendor?

There is an initial $99.00 registration fee to the RepScrubs® Membership and then continued enrollment is billed annually. Deposit your option of $50.00, $100.00, $150.00 or $200.00 RepScrubs® credit for quick access to any ScrubPort®.  Prescient Logistics has established an MSRP for disposable RepScrubs®, however some hospitals may elect to set their own pricing.

How is my account balance replenished so I have continued access to RepScrubs®?

Once your declining balance reaches $20.00 or less our accounting software system will automatically replenish your credit balance to a level you pre-selected during your registration. The replenishment total may be modified. All new charges are processed with your credit card on file.

How can I manage my membership account?

Simply log on to our website and enter your Membership ID number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).  You will have access to a complete list of reports including credit balances and detailed transaction reports specifying date, time and location of each transaction.  Our versatile reporting permits you to run specific queries by date and facility validating sales and service activity.  Daily and historical reports can be generated for expense reporting along with annual summaries for tax filing.

Which machines or member facilities will recognize my Membership ID number?

Our program is nationally based.  Once registered, your RepScrubs® Membership account will give you access to any ScrubPort® in any facility.

Why can't I provide my own disposable scrubs?

Vending scrubs directly from the onsite ScrubPort® is crucial for many reasons:

1. Guarantees clean scrubs are accessed at the hospital.
2. Provides a universal solution for ALL vendors.
3. Allows a uniformed color and time-sensitive name badge for enhanced security.
4. Supports vendors in consistent compliance with proper attire in restricted areas.
5. Administers management reports of documentation for regulatory agencies and adherence to hospital policies.

Why are the scrubs long sleeve?

According to AORN guidelines: When in the restricted areas, all nonscrubbed personnel should completely cover their arms with a long-sleeved scrub top or jacket.
AORN Guidelines (Page 3)