We are an innovative organization focused on the clinical and economic trends impacting today’s Health Care facilities.

RepScrubs® is a division of Prescient Logistics, LLC., an emerging growth company located in Sanford, Florida, a part of the Orlando metropolitan area. Began operations in late 2014 with our first hospital beta launch at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, FL.

We have been awarded multiple US Patents for our innovative design and concept.

We offer healthcare facilities the monetary relief of having to supply scrub sets, coveralls, and lab coats to vendors visiting sterile departments. Our RepScrubs® program shifts this ongoing expense to the vendor and ensures every vendor entering a sterile patient care area are wearing clean scrubs dispensed from our onsite ScrubPort®. Our program reinforces sterile protocols, eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from vendors wearing street scrubs, and enhances patient safety and Infection Prevention Programs.


Patent NOs. US D744,197 S, US D729,497 S, US 9,305,418 B2

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