What Can RepScrubs® Do for Your Hospital?

RepScrubs® provides healthcare facilities with the unique opportunity to reduce expenses associated with vendor activity while enhancing patient safety and sterile protocols. Our automated dispensing of scrubs helps the vendor expedite their day and eliminates the hospital staff from having to distribute disposable scrubs or cloth scrubs.

Why do we need the RepScrubs® program?
Infection Prevention & Expense Reduction.  Patient safety, vendor tracking reports, identification of vendors at your facility, and enhanced patient privacy will all assist you and your staff.  Eliminate the expense of providing disposable or laundered scrub sets for vendors.  Ensure sterile protocols and enhance your Infection Prevention and Infection Control programs, while increasing your supervision of vendors visiting or “hunting” at your facility.

What is a ScrubPort®?

A ScrubPort® is our own point of sale dispensing machine that automates the RepScrubs® product line, allowing registered vendors access to their own clean pre-packaged scrub sets.

Where should the ScrubPort® be located?

The ScrubPort® should be located anywhere within your facility that is a public, non-restricted area with access to a LAN connection and power supply.

Who refills the ScrubPort®?

A hospital employee from the Linen Department that currently manages your surgical scrub inventory for each sterile department or a local stocking distributor that is familiar with your facility.

Who services the ScrubPort® in case of service interruption?
A trained technician on call 24 hours a day is provided by Prescient Logistics, LLC.

What are the hardware requirements?

A 110 volt power outlet and access to the hospitals LAN network.


How does
RepScrubs® Work?

RepScrubs® places a cashless web-based ScrubPort®, filled with clean pre-packaged disposable scrub sets, that vendors can purchase onsite.



RepScrubs® provides hospitals with a turnkey solution to improve infection prevention, vendor management, and cost reduction efforts.




This page will be able to answer many of the questions you might have about RepScrubs®.


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